Teaching at Northlight Art Studios, Hebden Bridge

Painting Workshop Thursdays 1.30pm – 4pm

My painting workshop offers a chance for those with some experience to work on their own projects in a small supportive group. I will guide, inform and support.
The workshop doesn’t stick to any particular style or subject matter although there is an emphasis on the expression of personal feelings and individual responses to the world we live in. There is a strong emphasis on drawing as a fundamental part of the process in getting ideas visualised as paintings. We use oils, acrylics, mixed media.
We have half-term;ly sharing of ideas and progress and participants are encouraged to exhibit in our end of year Northlight Art School exhibition.

Contact Northlight Art Studios for availablity of places

Drawing Workshop Thursdays 7pm – 9pm

This course aims to give a broad foundation for drawing practice and to build confidence. We will cover the essential contents of the ‘drawing toolbox’ – from the technical to the conceptual. The course will help you to understand what you see, not what you think you see. We shall look at how artists use drawing – both as a means to an end and as an artform in its own right. We shall encourage you to shake off preconceptions, develop your hand-eye coordination and express yourself……though drawing!
The Northlight year is split traditionally into 3 terms.
Each term will provide different weekly exercises each emphasising a particular fundamental concern:
Line & edges
Tonal values
Space & depth
Negative space
Measurement and proportion
Handling materials
Many of the exercises are based on still life, although some will be more experimental – using the imagination and other source material. We shall primarily use ‘dry’, monochrome materials – pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastel, charcoal pencil although we shall also use marker pens and ink
So one term will give you a good foundation—stay for the year and you’ll be able to reinforce your knowledge and skills.

Contact Northlight Art Studios for availablity of places