Archive – A selection of older work

The Way Ahead
A suite of four large pastel drawings on the theme of ‘journeys’ using Hebden Bridge locations
The metaphor of ‘a journey’ has been a recurring theme throughout my painting career. These works reference life challenges, exploration, displacement and unease about our future

Passage,  Quest  and  Stray
In Passage,  Quest  and  Stray, I have tried to stretch the narrative possibilities of a painting by juxtaposing three distinct images within each frame – each with its own metaphorical or allegorical associations.  Although there is an apparent underlying theme, suggesting a child’s relationship with the world, the open-endedness of the imagery allows the viewer to combine the various parts of the picture to create their own associations and meanings

Much of my work in the 90’s followed a musical theme

Two paintings featuring members of my family and their stories. Sorry about the poor quality photos

Rooms, Interiors

Lowry Inspired Paintings
Three paintings specially made for the ‘L S Lowry and those he Inspired’ exhibition, Cork St, London

Over the years, I’ve painted commissions for various corporate clients.
in 1995, I won the Bradford University Painting Commission – based on the university motto ‘Making Knowledge Work’

Bristol and Bradford
In the 80’s and 90’s lived for 10 years in Bristol and 9 years in Bradford – both in inner city areas which influenced my subject matter. I would remember places, people, incidents, experiences and turn them into paintings