Random Men

Men of Substance: Random Men…………..

“This ongoing project has developed into a broad commentary on masculinity and what defines the ‘male condition’. From a starting point of randomly taken photos of crowds in Manchester city centre, I singled out particular men. Through the drawing and painting process, fictional narratives evolved. The visual devices – transparency, layering and fragmentation contribute to the attempt to ‘visualise’ the complexity of this concern.  Central to my commentary are the contradictions regarding male posturing and the weakness, vulnerability and imperfection that this disguises.”

  • All paintings 50cm x 40cm Oil on canvas £1250. Contact me for more details on purchasing an original.
  • High quality giclee prints  available in two sizes – actual size (50cm x 40cm) and 40cm x 32cm
  • Full set of 12 A5 postcards available
  • Prices include postage.  prints mailed in sealed cardboard tubes

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